11,000 kg
Operating Weight
110 HP
Rated Power
270/125 kN
Centrifugal Force



LiuGong roller equipped with KOEL 4R1190NA engine i.e. fuel efficient HLA Series & high intake air density that leads fuel efficient working at uneven job sites in results off low operating Cost. Industry leading static linear load results best in class compaction force i.e. transmitted on ground which provide less compacting spacing on the roads.


LiuGong advance compaction technology focused on roads quality that comes by better weight distribution on front and rear axle. More weight on front axle ensure stability to vibration mass during compaction of roads.

LiuGong ensure the industry leading centrifugal force that control the number of passes for a given mat size.


Reliability is a factor which cannot come from the brand make but from the product presence and adaptability in the market due to its continuous operating hours. . CLG611’s advanced Indian localized technology leads machine quality and reliability Which ensure customer maximum benefits and trust.


LiuGong always consider expert comfort. Expert platform provides best view & offers space and operating comfort at highest level. 1m x 1m visibility for safe working at tough job sites. 


Maximum uptime

Ground level serviceability give easy access to service touch points and minimize the down time. Regular maintenance is easier due to the simplicity of  accessibility of spare parts. 


Operating Mass 11,000 kg
Model Kirloskar 4R1190TA
Emission Regulation CEV Stage IV
Rated Power 110 hp @ 2,200 rpm
Vibration Frequency 32/34 Hz
Centrifugal Force 270/125 kN
Drum Diameter 1,500mm
Theoretical Gradeability(DD) 45%
Overall Length 5,900mm
Overall Width 2,300mm
Overall Height 3,232mm
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